Garry River Track

Hi, I was up on Mount Richardson yesterday and noticed a well cut track leading down from the 797m trig on the Blowhard Track. Apparently this was cut by CTC members some time back. Wondering if anybody has followed this and where you went next. Could be kinda fun to head up Pioneer Stream and then up to Bob's Camp.
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The CTC have now cut the track that goes from Garry River up to the high point (Pt 1046). They have cut and marked from the river to the 900m contour. From here the going is easy through scrub and the odd deer trail in mature forest with an open understory. Where this is not the case, stick to the scrub as the forest up high is very stunted and scratchy. There are no markers or cairns above the 900m contour but just keep heading uphill and you'll get onto the track to Bob's Biv at the top. This track starts directly across the river from the track that runs from Trig point 797m down to the Garry. I think this trip is best done from there uphill to Bob's Biv rather than the other way round unless you enjoy route-finding (which is straightforward).
This track and the nearby Ted's track on now marked on the latest version of Freshmap. There are also sites where you can send a gpx. file to paste in your tracks you've followed. They can be found in the orux map site and via irnzmaps as well. I was pleased to see City Council tracks on the site that I couldn't find elsewhere.
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Started by Matthew
On 2 January 2016
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