Vegetarian recipes for dehydrater wanted

Hi all, Having limited success finding good recipe to dehydrate for main vegetarian meal, last round looked akin to rat droppings! Help appreciated : ) Andrea
Lentil curry? I have a recipe in the food forum which could then be dried. In my short-lived vegan phase I used to make heaps of bean stews in various forms and dehydrate them. Black-eyed peas cook the quickest. A tomato puree is always nice with pasta.
For any such need, I always refer to as their recipes are 100 percent natural and enriched with therapeutical herbs and spices that are very effective for many health conditions. Since I am a big believer of Ayurveda and my dad is under Ayurvedic remedies for his Kidney condition, it is always crucial for me to choose the right food. So I feel I should suggest you visit this website for some ideas. You can also look for other websites if you want to.

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Started by andrea1970
On 7 March 2015
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