Light Boots or Hiking Shoes for a Beginner

Hello All My name is Stephen and I am planning to get into tramping starting with day walks. I am most concerned with getting the right footwear for this and want to go in store to try shoes and boot on. I live in Auckland so could I have some suggestions as to the best brands to look for and the best stores at which to try them on. Thanks in advance *by best stores I mean most knowledgeble
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Flagged that post as I suspect it's a bot. I've gone from Hi-Tecs to Torpedo 7 now and am on to my second pair of their house brand for women. I needed to put some protective layer over the stitching at the medial top of the generous rand as in the previous pair I had, this stitching got abraided and needed to be restitched twice. So that should do the trick. Frank now has Asolos but it's quite early in their life and one boot has already developed a split in the upper! He says the leather they use now is shaved into thinner layers with synthetic linings. He hasn't bought Scarpas yet...
Every kind of footwear is different from one another. I suggest that you should go to a shop and see what fits perfect. There are a lot of problems if you just buy shoes online because you might have an issue when it comes to the fit and how it performs when you do wear it. Having the physical shops out there will be the best for you because you can test it out first before you buy it. Comfort and performance are the biggest factors here that you need to remember.
The Asolos I have are fine but they are the full grain leather rather than nubric or even worse split leather. Im not sure I would buy a boot made of split leather. Even street shoes made of the stuff dont last. Take a 5mm thick hide and shave it into 10 or more layers, build them up with vinyl to a proper thickness and you can sell them as leather shoes. But they aint leather in a true sense
Frank and I used that Aquaseal shoe repair adhesive for our respective boots issues to good effect. His rand had split and come away from the boots a little at the front so he filled the gap in with this adhesive. I applied it over my stitching on the upper edge of the rand as pre-emptive protection from abrasion.
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Hot melt glue works (apparently :) We ran into a guy as we were coming out of the Western Arthurs (Tas) who (rather than buy a new pair, presumably) had strategically added what looked like several layers of hot melt to his (very old) full leather boots - said they were completely waterproof. Maybe, but at double the weight, I would guess.
That would be alot cheaper than the acquaseal!
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Started by Liam Fearghail
On 4 January 2015
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