Food for long Tramps

HI Guys I need some help for food for 8-10 day tramp Hollyford Track next March.Four to five days is easy,so what is the best way to do it. I have oates and powered milk for breaky and Back Country meals for dinner,is there a high energy bar you can have for lunch out there,i am one of those trampers who once starts walking i keep on going with only brief stops for photos etc
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Tortillas (makes 6 x 15cm tortillas) 2 c flour 1 t salt 1 t baking powder 1 T oil 1/2 c water(or more, as necessary) Mix everything and knead to make a reasonably elastic dough. Roll out (I used my mug on my Orikaso plate) and fry on both sides until browned. Keep the flame quite low (I had my Coleman stove set to low)
Thanks for that, Debbie. Just got 23 2 person Back Country Cuisine meals for $173. That works out to around $7.50 each. Some new flavours available including Beef Stroganoff. Looking forward to tasting them on my longer trips.
Honora where did you get these
This link has some good idea's if you are into dehydrating food.
give watties tortellini a go,$3.50 in a foil pack,just heat and eat and 97% fat free!
In regards to the Watties foil packs, I met a tramper who decided to try one of those and opened it up and could not eat it since it looked not too dissimilar to catsick.
The Watties tortellini are delicious, especially the ones with the tomato flavour sauces. Bit heavy though - I use them on shorter trips, can boil in the foil pack - no dishes. Don't look at all like cat sick!
For overnighters its hard to go past Kaweka meals and a mediteranian style couscous. Boil in the bag and anybody is a chef.
Re the BCC dehy: the Christchurch Tramping Club does a big $2K order about every 6 months. The website has an ordering form set up which calculates the cost and then we can pay the amazing web maestro via internet banking. He drops off the itemized order at the tramping club about a week later. Talk about spoilt. I'm sure a bunch of you could contact BCC to set something up for yourselves. Failing that, the New World at South City in Chch has good value BCC but a limited choice. I tried out the new flavours of Beef Stroganoff (tasty, but the dried brown bread was a bit weird, I bulked it up with more rice) and the Chicken a la King was also good and included a little bag of potato chips as topping. I bulked that up with instant potato. My partner thought the roasted capsicum was a bit subtle. If tramping food looks like cat sick then you can't be hungry enough! ;) A great find: the Continental Vegifull Rich Tomato soup is practically as good as dehydrated pasta sauce.
These are the one that come out like catsick! # Creamy Mushroom and Bacon Risotto # Italian-style Tomato and Basil Risotto We ordered Backcountry D-hi via our local outdoor shop. @Honora The croissants were a bit weird in the middle of the d-hi!
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