New camera time

My trusty Canon G12 finally succumb to the result of being submerged during my West Coast hike in Feb. New camera time, but I've been out of the game for 12 years so not sure what is good anymore. For the who take a camera, just wondering what you use & why. As much as an iPhone takes nice photos, I find that I really miss having a zoom and phone battery life becomes a big issue on long hikes, so I am still keep to take a camera. Cheers, Moh.
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Frank's sony camera's battery life is so bad it's as though the camera is programmed to trash the battery! Talk about planned obselesence. He wants to get a new camera too that just uses ordinary AA batteries.
If its a sony you can buy a new battery. Might even be able to get from jaycar cheap but any camera shop should have an original. If you do go the regular batery way get one that matches your headlamp
Which Sony model does Frank have? Might be one to avoid.
Most batteries are obtainable
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Frank has bought many batteries for that Sony. Do any of you have any idea how much they cost? More than $100 a piece. His next camera will have AA batteries for sure.
Take the old battery into Jaycar. Bet they can match it far cheaper. Of course on the other hand if its old enough to have had several batteries its probably time for an upgrade
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thanks, I've passed that info on to him.

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Forum Gear talk
Started by Moh_Oz
On 22 October 2023
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