The Summit TV show

Anyone watching the Summit (I’m guessing it is being shown in NZ)? The participants aren’t winning me over, but loving the scenery. I haven’t worked out their route yet, but I’m guessing that they are headed for Mt Aspiring, as it is the only 8000Ft peak in NZ that I am aware of (happy to be corrected on this one). Makes me want to start planning my next trip on your fine shores. Moh.
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C'mon. Anyone who still thinks reality TV has anything to do with reality has got their head in the sand.
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Watched it on tv2 last night. More accurately watched the first half. People are going to watch this and think out backcountry is like this. Where did they dream up those first 2 bridges? Look like they were built for the show using hemp rope and untreated pine logs. A 2 wire with no inter rope supports hence weaker people having to stretch to reach the top rope and that part planks swing bridge. Did I see one of the hikers wearing slip on boots? Then they started playing with the rules about the money. Nice tents though Luckily Im out tonight so wont have to watch it
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It was best watched with the sound turned right off so it is just the landscapes that are enjoyed and not the crazy "unreal" other stuff. They started in the Earnslaw Burn...(near Glenorchy) and went up towards Lennox Pass, down into the Rees, then up to the mountain lake at the head of the North Branch of the Hunter. At the head of this valley are Mt Clarke (to their right) and Mt Head (the larger mountain to their left.) The objective was Mt Head. The mountain that was ubiquitously shown at the start and end of each programme was Mt Aspiring and nothing to do with their route. I really object to these kind of programmes back-dropped by our wilderness. Our backyard is a place for true team work, and comradeship. I found parts of the programme truly offensive.
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I wouldnt have gone as far as offensive but I understand the sentiment. This program showed a bit of nice scenery then showed that just about any Joe Muppet could take it on no consequences.
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