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Anyone watching the Summit (I’m guessing it is being shown in NZ)? The participants aren’t winning me over, but loving the scenery. I haven’t worked out their route yet, but I’m guessing that they are headed for Mt Aspiring, as it is the only 8000Ft peak in NZ that I am aware of (happy to be corrected on this one). Makes me want to start planning my next trip on your fine shores. Moh.
There are many peaks over 2600m. It says 8500'. Why the hell are they mentioning anything in feet. Anyone in the real world uses metres. Have the Americans got something to do with this?
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Mt Head, the narrator says its 200km to the peak, um, its closer to 60-70km... there was an alaskan programme like this, and they just went round in a loop, claiming they'd covered some massive distance..
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might be 200km from Queenstown airport if you go via Wanaka
@waynoski Isn't Mt Head in the middle of the very busy Rees-Dart?
When i first saw the map they showed on TV i immediately thought of Earnslaw Burn and the Rees and figured it was Mt.Clarke. An easy peak to reach. Then i realised they were going that little bit further on to Mt.Head. The shots of them crossing a bridge early in the show and they left one fellow unable to cross, i'll bet are in Twenty Five Mile Creek which enters the Rees across from Lennox Falls. An episode or two later they were clearly on the grass slopes which hold cattle normally, a short way up from the carpark at Earnslaw Burn. It figures they are going to choose a site relatively close to facilities for logistical reasons ie Glenorchy.
, i see in the latest episode they magically got from the Rees to Lake Lochnigar.... no way they got there on foot so quickly... probably shot in early spring when theres not that many people about... and they'll just keep them off the main track the rees is wide enough to avoid people if you want to Tracked has started on TV 3 on mondays.... thats interesting, ex SAS tramping down a variety of people , a lot who are novices to the mountains.... they were in earnslaw burn for the first episode.... next one might be fiordland, looks like its on again tonight
I really thought that they would have shot it somewhere more remote. I guess they are relying on the magic of television to sell the story. Earnslaw burn has always been on my bucket list. It looks like a pretty special place but fell down the list a bit after I read reports that it is suffering under the weight of it's popularity/beauty and lack of good toilet etiquette from visitors.
It's evident they are not going far into Earnslaw Burn. Not in order to go over Lennox Pass. They seem to have ascended early in the valley to the ridgeline above Lovers Leap. That allows them to cross over to the Rees and still get down without too much difficulty. I went up Earnslaw Burn again, a couple of years ago and although i saw a few people it's worth it to make a circuit via Lennox Pass. Most visitors are simply going in and out the same way.
The distances they are quoting on the show are absolute bull. The Rees-Dart is only 76km long. How then is it possible that they have walked 165km to get from Paradise to the other side of the lake at the head of Hunter Ck North Branch! The host also said it was a 4km paddle across the lake. About the only distance they have been honest about is the summit they are aiming for is 8,500ft. Moh.
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