Cobb River

Hi All Wouldn’t mind some info re the Cobb River and up to Fenella hut etc, if anyone has been up there recently. Apparently a fairly torturous drive in? Phil
I think it's just a bit of a long drive in but my brother maintains a trapline around there I think and is always going in. I'll drop him a text to check out the site (if he's in contact range). cheers, Honora
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Brother David says the Tasman District Council on Cobb Rd can give up to date information. David says it's a long drive in and you need to keep your speed down and be alert for cars coming around blind corners on the wrong side of the road. It's about a 2 hour drive he says. The road is about half metal and is well-maintained.
Thanks for the info Honora. Phil
It's been about 20 years since I was up there so can't give up to date road info but will just echo what Honora said with regard to speed — it is a winding road and you do not want to rush. As to the tramping — the walk up the Cobb is delightful. Nice open river flats and almost no perceptible gradient until the head of the valley and up to Cobb then Fenella Hut.
I was in Cobb Valley during Christmas 2019. The road was in great shape with a bit of negligible rock fall. It's @ 30km, so make sure you have enough fuel. Thankfully, we made it out on fumes. It's easy tramping to Fenella Hut, with great side trips to the tarns above the hut, Lake Cobb, Round Lake, and Waingaro Peak. If you're in the area, Sylvester Hut and the lakes to the west are well worth a visit, too.
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