Gossamer Gear Mariposa Size M - Barely used (60L)

I used this on one trip a couple of years ago. Since then a series of injuries and lifestyle circumstances have meant I probably won't be doing any tramps longer than a weekend for the foreseeable :( Weighs in around 850g and can load up to around 15kg. 60L. RRP about $580. I'm happy to let it go for $400. PM for pics and more info https://www.packgeargo.co.nz/product/gossamer-gear-mariposa-60-backpack/
Hi there. I’d be interested in buying this.
Hi @dreambroom - is this still available? If so, do you recall whether this is a S, M or L pack?
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Hi there Is this still available? I'm interested. Thanks Ruben 0210628959

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Started by dreambroom
On 17 February 2023
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