Saw cut gorge

Had an interesting conversation with an acquaintance about this place. He was unaware that the track is still officially closed to access the gorge. I know Doc says the track is inpassable but has anyone tried to get to the gorge and is it still all doom and gloom as doc would have you believe?
Oh bollocks. DoC have been using it as their private holiday area. You can go up the river 4km downstream from Blue Mountain farm as the riverbed abuts against the paper road here, just 500m west of the turnoff to Kilgram. Frank and I went in last year and visited Isolated Biv, near Isolation Hill. The track from Isolation Hut up to the saddle needed some TLC in some places and luckily I was carrying loppers but it would be good if everyone else could do the same if DoC haven't attended to the overgrowth. Of course it is also possible to explore the area from Napolean Station. They gave us permission but then we discovered the front way is accessible. Nina Dickerhof and James Thornton had also been into Isolation Hut just before us. There are still tracks officially closed on Banks Peninsula post-quakes that have been kept open by the locals including us.

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Started by geeves
On 3 February 2023
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