4WD Access through Mt. White Station

Anyone know if the station allows 4WD access up the Esk / Cox valleys? Looks like it's a legal road. Anyone done this or know how the track is? Thinking it could be a great way to get deeper into East Arthur's for the start of a trip. Cheers!
As far as the Poulter it is a legal road in reasonable condition. Beyond that it is Mount White Station and permission required even for walking. edit Just looked on Wams. outdoor access map seems to show a road all the way but the property info map shows the roads as part of the leasehold for mt white station. Contacting Wams should get this discrepancy sorted. Contacting Mount White might get access. I guarantee they know the status of these roads but since they run commercial farm tours they might not be forthcoming. Since the status of everything on that side of the waimac seems confused in wams I wouldnt push to hard incase they close the rest of the access
i vaguely remember seeing hunters with a landrover at bull creek hut at the Cox River, but that was decades ago... the mt white station website looks like a tourist brochure now for their upmarket tourism services... not sure they see private hunters as part of their plan now,, might clash with their new image.... https://www.mtwhitestation.co.nz/specialinterestgroups
Asked on the hunting access facebook page and can confirm the road as far as Lake Letittia. This is from someone that put the survey pegs in. Beyond that a call to Mount White might be in order
Thanks for the info guys. Might give Mt. White a call then. Yes saw the road beyond was legal on wams hence thought it might be a goer..
The formed 4WD track differentiates from the paper road from Lake Letitia i.e. from there on you can't use the 4WD track without Mt White's permission. The wee area around L. Grace is owned by someone else who once gave me permission to stay at their hut there, but he's probably passed away by now. You can always go in via McArthur Gorge but beware wasps and river levels.

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Started by Alistair S
On 17 January 2023
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