Macpac Traverse Jacket durability

Hi everyone, The Macpac Traverse jacket has thinner fabric on the main parts of the body - it is still triple layer, or just thinner? We hate it when jacket lining starts flaking after a few years - if we bought one of the more heavy jackets like the Resolution or Copland - would they be more durable (not in terms of tearing - they will definitely withstand tearing better than the Traverse), but I mean in terms of the lining starting to flake off? Especially wanting to hear from anyone who has owned a jacket with this thinner Pertex Shield Pro fabric for more than 2 years. We're not looking at any other brands as I have a discount for the Macpac branded items, and breatheability is a factor, but waterproofness and durability are more important to us.
heavier face fabrics just have more abrasion resistance... whether it delaminates is down more to the quality of the membrane macpac are using pertex. which is a high quality membrane. lasts longer than most. bivouac staff reckoned they saw less warranty returns from pertex than gore tex

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Started by Hammum
On 17 December 2022
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