Near New Gear & Clothing on Trade Me

Hello fellow trampers. I have several items of gear and apparel on sale on Trade Me at the moment. - Hilleberg UL 10 Tarp and poles. Never used. - Outdoor Research Cathode hoodie (synthetic insulation.) Pristine condition. - A lovely little Montbell Spiral Down Hugger #2 sleeping bag (very light and compactable, and in a cheery yellow colour!) Slept in only once. - Macpac men’s Pulsar synthetic insulated vest. - Mountain Laurel Designs (MLD) Spirit quilt 28. This has synthetic (ClimaShield Apex) insulation; almost as light as an equivalent (28 degee F) down bag, though not as compressible. But ideal for possibly damp conditions such as a bivvy camp. All these are either in new or near new condition. They were bought about 7 or 8 years ago, but sadly never or seldom used. All are for auction under trader name barb_a (my partner Barbara's account) Use Trade Me Search for any item (such as Hilleberg) then use **View Seller's Other Listings** to find the other items. Pickup available from Otaki, Kapiti Coast, or else I will use NZ Post Parcel Post Economy (up to 3 days for delivery). Inspections welcome. Cheers! Mark Moorhouse (antico)
Kia ora, did you sell the quilt and sleeping bag? Can't find your account on trademe
Hello dreambroom The quilt and sleeping bag did not sell. Of the items listed in my original post only the Hilleberg UL 10 Tarp and poles sold. The quilt, sleeping bag and two items of clothing (OR hoodie and Macpac vest) are still available if you or anyone else are interested. Because all the auctions have closed, a week or few ago, it is now hard to see the details and photos on Trade Me. But I think these listing links should do the trick: - (for MLD Spirit quilt) - (for Montbell sleeping bag) Please let me know if the links do not work. These links should give you all the details you need, though you will not be able to use them to bid or buy. I was vaguely thinking of relisting them on trademe soon, for a tad less $$$, but I will first offer them here, for NZ Tramper members, for even less $$$ than that: - MLD Spirit 28 synthetic fill quilt: $250 + shipping - Montbell Spiral Down Hugger #2 sleeping bag: $370 + shipping
Hey, what's the best way to contact you?
Teddy looks very toasty warm in the Montbell
@dreambroom. Sorry for delay in reply. Just finished a late dinner and dishes. You can send an internal mail message (from the Mail item in your NZ Tramper Profile menu; select antico as the To: ... field) Or maybe simpler to just email me direct at: antico fred paradise @ gmail fred com (replace fred with . and remove spaces) @Scottie: Yes, but Teddy may soon be parted from his bed? (He's not part of any sale!)

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Started by antico
On 9 June 2022
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