Gear rental in New Zealand

Kia ora everyone! I'm palnning my visit to Aotearoa at the coming winter. I come from a warmer country, so I build an entierly new kit for this trip these days. Since I wouldn't be using much of the winter gear (ice axe, crampoons, 4 season tent) regularly at home, I thought it will be more environmentally friendly and economic to rent that gear for my two months visit. I'm planning to stay off snow and high hills, and to sleep in huts whenever is possible. Bushwalks will be certainly enough for me at winter, but one can't be too prepared for emergencies. Do you folks know any place in Auckland (where I'll be landing) that hires gear for such a long term in reasonable rates? Maybe someone can reccomand a reliable 2nd hand gear store? And by the way - I'm glad to join this forum, I've spent much time reading previous threads where I found many priceless advices. Hope I'll get one too this time :)
might be cheaper to buy second hand theres a website here called trademe, get as much as you can second hand, renting won't be cheap... and you can still sell it when you're finished. or donate it to a school or a club.
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Started by ElectriCamel
On 31 May 2022
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