Tin Range GPS Waypoints

I was wanting some help with the route for the Tin Range on Stewart Island and wondered if anyone has the coordinates / way points for the route that I could use to put into my garmin Montana 680t gps? I will be coming in from the Southern Circuit end and have allocated 3 nights in total to Diprose returning to Rakeahua Hut. Tramping on my own so just looking for some extra safety if the weather isn't great. Your thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.
I can send you the route shown here as a gpx file if it'll help? https://tramping.net.nz/routes/tin-range-stewart-island
There are a couple of good campsites on the route. One is sheltered and it's down where a tarn lies, 500m south of the summit of Mt Allen. The other is nearby a junction where 2 tributaries meet and then flow south. The second campsite is at NZTM E120 6622, N477 3015, 1.1km east of Pt 730 and 600m west of Pt 526.
Hey there! Tackling the tin range route this summer - would love to get hold of a gpx file as a backup and any useful way points would be appreciated.
sent a link to your forum mail
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Hiya. I also am keen to get a gpx file for tin range. Hoping to walk it in feb 2024
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