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I've booked a 5 night hike for my family of 4 in the Abel Tasman National park in mid January and we need a tent for the trip. I was looking at the MXR Elixir and Papa Hubba 4 person tents, which look about right in terms of weight and room but are quite expensive. I am tempted to just buy a cheap tent as it will be in January and may not be too wet but you never know!. If the hike goes well we may do it again in more rugged terrain in the future. My boys are 8 & 5 so I don't anticipate they will be able to carry much so we need a lightweight tent that is compact when it's packed down. Can anyone recommend a quality lightweight tent that isn't too expensive? Thx
define "isnt too expensive" https://www.intentsoutdoors.co.nz/collections/4-person-tents/products/nomad-3-4-person-all-weather-lightweight-tent?variant=38726456934585
My advice would be to not cheap out on a tent with the hope that the weather is good. I walked Able Tasman in Feb this year and was treated to 2 days of beautiful sunshine followed by 2 days of torrential rain. We were glad to have a sturdy waterproof tent those last 2 days. A good quality lightweight tent will last you many years if looked after. Another option for you could be borrowing a tent from a friend, although most people won't lend gear. Look into hire options too, I believe there are a few places in Nelson that do it, Pack Gear Go is one of them I believe.
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I did Abel Tasman one January and it rained torrentially. A lot of tents blew down one night too. Especially if going with your kids, I wouldn't risk ruining 1) their sleep and therefore the trip, and/or 2) the potential for them to love tramping, by not getting a decent tent. I think there are options for pack transport so you might be able to avoid carrying all your gear if that would help with size/weight.
Thanks for your replies. Yes, sleeping in a wet tent would be a nightmare!. That Nomad tent looks pretty good and at a decent price. Anyone had experience with them?

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Started by Travisrex
On 6 December 2021
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