Best ~60L lightweight pack?

Recently did a trip with 12 days food and packraft with my Macpac Amp 40 pack. (Carrying 15 kg total, had tent, packraft and mattress on the outside to start). Things I found: Though I liked the Amp 40 for shorter trips and < 10kg, It was well beyond it's load range and it consequently was less comfortable than ideal. I don't need a pack all that much bigger, but I do need the ability to comfortably carry 16 - 18 kg (18 kg would be a 14 day trip with iceaxe, crampons, alpine capable tent and packraft) I still want a pack that is lightweight in itself (closer to 1 kg than 2 or more kg) I'm prepared to sacrifice some durability, but want it comfortable up into that weight range. Candidates? First on my list at the moment is the [Osprey Exos 58]( Pack is 1.2 kg, can carry up to 18 kg. I looked at the [Levity 60]( 0.86 kg, but it only goes to 11 kg, which is probably it's realistic limit. Any other candidates, other brands I should consider in the pack weight <= 1.2 kg, max carry weight >= 18 kg?
Try the Exped Lightening 60... weighs 1.1 kg and can carry up to 24kgs. I have one and find its comfy. But I haven't needed to carry those real heavy weights
gearlab do pretty exensive testing for their reviews... not that many brands sold here, you'd have to order online unless you can find something second hand here. ultralight pack reviews
Thanks for the pointers.The Exped Lightning 60 is looking like the frontrunner at the moment - light enough and simple enough with a load capacity claimed at 25 kg.
I have the Exped Thunder which is basically the Lightning without the roll top. Have used with 17-18KG and found very comfortable. Gear can be accessed side,front or top. Had it fitted by the staff at Bivouac in Hamilton I consider this made the difference to fiddling with it myself.
Yeah, I've a Osprey Exos 48ltr and love it, and did fancy upsizing slightly to the 58ltr just for that extra space. I decided not to bother though as the newer versions dispensed with the hip belt pockets for whatever reason, which I find indispensable. That and the useful ones on the shoulder straps too, in which you could stuff a few energy bars. I'd probably go with the Exped Lightening now, as I believe that does have hip pockets.
Third vote for the Exped, looks to be the best of the mainstream lightweight brands that retails in NZ. They updated them in the last year, so you might be able to find the older model at a discount. The other lightweight option, that it looks a few local online sellers at least have, is the Sierra Designs Flex Capacitor - never used, but always seen good reviews.
100% the Exped Lightning for me!! I literally just came off the North West Circuit on Stewart Island yesterday, and that's the pack I took. In fact, it's the only pack I use, ever since it was suggested to me by someone on here a few years ago. Greatest pack I've ever used, hands down.
Hey, Kreig, good to see you back. I remember you got a Klymit LWD packraft a while ago, how did you find it, have you managed to make use of it in the wild yet?

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Started by Ian_H
On 2 May 2021
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