Tenting the Route Burn Track Feb - what s.bag ?

Hi Am planning tenting the Routeburn Track Early Feb or poss March. Updating my compact sleeping bag. What warmth rating do you think I’d need please Looking at a Macpac down 500 - comfort about zero Celsius - too warm, or about right ? Or the Macpac down 350 rated comfort about 5 Celsius ? Thanks in advance
i dont think 350 is the rating thats the weight of the down in the bag. rating is fill rating of the down, how fluffy it is for a set weight. the weather can do anything, could be warm, or snow. more likely to be warm but weather still changeable. 500 will cover you in cold weather.. depends how warm you sleep though.
How about u unzip the bag some percentage if it's too warm or add/remove sleepwear ?. Early Feb sounds like full-on Summer, tho March could be more changeable autumnal nights ?. Zero degrees rated bag sounds more than adequate.
Thanks ! Helpful

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Started by Gackleberry
On 15 April 2021
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