Mount Grey

Tried to go up Mount Grey today. Nearly made the top of the bush when confronted by a fallen log just crawling with wasps. No way to cross it without exposing hands and legs to the inevitable. Even the rest of the track was humming with very little other wildlife. I hate wasps. Does 100% deet repel wasps? If not what does
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Hi geevs, It sounds like a really unplesant experience on Mount Grey. Wasps can definetly make a nature ride more complicatted. Speaking of wasps, I currently have a serius issue with them at home. I've heard that the solutions to get rid of them can depend on the speecies, but I'm not sure about the best aproach. Regarding your question about 100% DEET, it is efective against mosquitos, but I'm not certain about its effectivness against wasps. That beeing said, I also found a product against wasps on this site, but I would like to be reasured. Perhaps other members have suggestions on this? If anyone has advice or tips for dealing with a wasp problem, I'm all ears! Thanks in advance for any help. Best regards, PixelPioneer23
Old thread but interesting idea at an inflated price. Active ingredient permethrin which is in most fly sprays and garden insect spray
If you buy the Spot on type of flea killer you can put a drop of that in with some mix e.g. fish-flavoured cat food and put it somewhere. it's similar to Vespex and non-toxic to birds. The guy who told me about it used it to destroy 5 wasp nests around his home. The peppermint oil repellant is worth trying. It might work for sandflies too as mozzies don't like catnip oil - even more than DEET.
the fish catfood. Dot the wasps only eat that during the time they eat protein? Put it out at the wrong time and nothing will happen
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Started by geeves
On 6 April 2021
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