Waiohine Gorge to Maungahuka via Cone

Hi there Am thinking of tramping from Waiohine Gorge to Maungahuka hut via Cone on day 1, then to Totara Flats the next day, maybe stay the night there or carry on back to the start if I feel OK. Am wondering what the difficulty level is like, how well the tracks are marked, estimate of times to Maungahuka. I'm of medium fitness but havent done any serious tramping for a few years although will be doing some training in the next few weeks. I figure I can always just stop at Neil Forks for the night if I'm too slow. I've tramped a bit in the Tararuas and have been to Maungahuka before but from Otaki Forks side. Am thinking of going sometime around Easter. Thanks for any input. Cheers
Hi Erica, I did this in the reverse direction last year. Took me I think 9 1/2 hours from Maungahuka to Waiohine. Longer than I had expected, because the section from Maungahuka to Cone Ridge is all extremely steep, and for that section I was actually over DOC time! One of only a couple of times I can remember when that has been the case. Tracks are pretty clear as far as I remember. The walk along cone ridge is lovely, all mossy goblin forest. And a bit of a view from Cone itself.
Thanks Alistair. Might be a long day then! And sounds like the hardest bit would be at the end. I read somewhere else on here that that part was steep. I think I might just aim for Neil Forks for the night unless I make really good time. Thank you for your input. Cheers Erica
No worries. Yes it could be pretty tough. Someone told me the section from Neil Forks to Maungahuka was the steepest track in the Tararuas... don't know if that's true, but I believed it!

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Started by Erica0960
On 22 February 2021
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