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East Cape ... http://tramper.nz/files/objectversions/28401/east-cape.jpg To West Cape. http://tramper.nz/files/objectversions/28400/20210101_102512.jpg Finally!!!
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Friends of mine did a S.I. north/south traverse, including the Southern Alps in 1994. (Kirsten Mackay and Pete Ozich). They kayaked some sections, e.g. L.Manapouri, Waiau R, Lake Te Anau and L. Hauroko. It took them 94 days. They were stuck between side creeks in the Burke for a week but other than that, it all went well. They didn't enjoy getting from the snow-laden but warming slabs of Scissors onto the Spence Glacier much and had to put in an anchor (walking poles used as a deadman) to abseil into the head of Siberia Ck from Siberia Saddle when they encountered unexpected hard snow. Other interesting things I recall were their description of having to use the rope in a white-out approaching Rankin Pass or Armidillo Saddle to keep on the right bearing. In one food drop, the packers forgot to put the flavours in so all they had were carbs and a head of garlic for their dinners (plus olive oil). Their favourite section was: the Anatoki! They got quite inured to the magnificent scenery (dopamine hits and all).
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