Coroner emphasizes carrying emergency shelter

Hi. Posting this as I often see enquiries whether people need to take a tent on particular trips. Seven recommendations were made in the report; including that solo trips were not recommended for inexperienced trampers above the bushline or in winter conditions, trampers should be aware of the forecasted weather and prepared to change their plans. **An emergency shelter, navigation equipment and an emergency communication device should be taken on all trips**.
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Interesting. From your link At the coroner’s request, the Mountain Safety Council (MSC) completed a review, finding Chee was adequately equipped for a summer tramp in reasonable weather, but not for the conditions he experienced. but from an earlier report Tasman police search and rescue officer Sergeant Malcolm York said Chee had clothing and food "of a good level" for the conditions in the park. I think a lot of this comes down to going with someone that knows the area especially if a novice tramper and always being prepared for anything.
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or do they mean he was adequately equipped to stay in a hut, but not to camp out?
where did he get his information about the route? did he skim read it and miss warnings about winter conditions? or was he lulled into a false sense of community be the weather when he started out?
Pretty useless recommendations. How do you get experience if you can't tramp above the bush line? Obviously take extreme care when tramping above the bush line in winter. But as usual: you don't know what you don't know, and therefore these recommendations are rubbish.
One possible solution to carrying an emergency shelter :)
The coroner recommended "that solo trips were not recommended for inexperienced trampers above the bushline". So it's not a Catch 22. The coroner is saying one needs to gain experience above the bushline with company before heading out solo.
I think all people experienced in the back country mostly likely see the recommendations as obvious but then the recommendations are not targeted at those who have the experience to already know best practices.
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four people with hypothermia rescued from Ruahines

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