Anyone around Wairoa?

Kia ora, If anyone is around Wairoa, I'd be keen to link up for some overnight tramps, friday>sunday evening. I'm moving there from work, having just been in europe for 3 or so years. So totally new to the area, and currently don't have any wheels (hopefully in a month or so). In Ireland it was a lot easier to get to a track with the bus - not so easy in Wairoa! Anyway, let me know if anyone might be keen.
Just be very careful, My bosses son in law went for a hunt somewhere around Wairoa last week. Came out to find his Hilux ute gone. Police gave him a claims number for his insurance, no trying to find the culprits.
Yeah I’ve heard about that kind of reputation around Wairoa. Will invest in a good lock for the motorbike, though they never do a great deal for a determined enough thief...
Maybe if you park up some old bomb so bad that the locals feel sorry for you. We used to have a Lada Niva and it would be spared at the road ends while other vehicles got vandalised.
When my brother lived up in the North Island he talked about leaving his glove box and any other internal spaces open to show there was nothing of value in the vehicle. Obviously does not help if they want to steal the vehicle or are just trying to be obnoxious in general... However, now I live up north I still do it every time I leave my vehicle at a road end/track head.
if its an old car, hide the fuses. might be better to leave unlocked...
Best discouragement I read once was to leave a note in plain view on the dash. ‘Insert random name’ - we went on ahead to track the fresh deer spoor. We will keep checking back to see if you are here yet, through the rifle scopes.
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Maybe the sods would come back at night. One time Frank and I were camped at the forest's edge at Kelly Ck, near Arthurs Pass and in the middle of the night, a vehicle drove up and circled around the car park and then drove off.
Ive seen that in the Tararuas as well. We were fly camping in the carpark
I’ve long been doing the “have the worst option in the area” as a theft prevention tool. Not because I’m cheap eh. Good ideas. Will need to be thoughtful with a motorbike. Even cheap bikes are good targets for use as farm bikes.

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Started by dreambroom
On 6 November 2020
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