Kaweka: crossing Tutaekuri up via The Rogue

I'm investigating options for a Kaweka tramp. Has anyone gone from the carpark (on my map), crossed the Tutaekuri, and then gone up via The Rogue? The intention is to reach Studholme Saddle Hut. There's a bridge if you come via Mackintosh Spur, but I was wondering if people have some experience crossing this river. How doable is that around this time of the year?
I havent done that specific crossing but from other crossings i've done in the area, for a watercourse like that in that area, they are straight forward as long as there hasnt been a lot of rain...
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Ankle to knee deep in normal flows. dry feet if you have gaiters and are lucky. But meltwater or rain would change that and can be impassable.
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I cannot speak for the river levels in September, however I have done this crossing in March and it was very straightforward after a weekend of good weather.
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Thanks guys, all seems good. Have modified the plan a bit and the current plan is to go to Kiwihut via Kuripapango on Tuesday, Ballard hut on Wednesday, and then out crossing the Tutaekuri on Thursday, that should give me the lowest river level, and a chance to monitor the weather a bit.
Thanks guys, that info was spot on! I could easily pass over the boulders a few meters to the right of the crossing, no need to get even wet feet.
Btw, the Kawaka's kicked our buts, if someone reads my plan at a later date: Ballard hut from Kiwi Saddle hut is pretty ambitious even in good weather. Go via Studholme Saddle. I think Back Ridge hut is a more achievable target if you're new. We had strong westerlies initially, and snow flurries all the time, so we only made it to Studholme Saddle hut. I think I've read it here that the DOC times in this park are for a greyhound on a fine summer day, and this is true.
Lowe Corporation Rescue Helicopter Service "In the early hours of yesterday morning, the team were sent into the Kaweka Ranges after a PLB (personal locator beacon) was set off. The crew found the party and winched them out of the dense bush. Our ICP, Ryan Sutherland, did a great job treating one person in the party who had injured his ankle. It was night time so visibility was poor and they had very high winds to contend with so our finest pilot Hamish Ramsay and crewman Clarkie did an incredible job finding the party and winching them out. We are so lucky to have great operational crew on our helicopters who can fly in some tough situations with years of experience"
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