Topomap Wallpaper

Hey everyone, just curious if anyone has approached a wallpaper company to custom make topomap wall paper? Or just used paper maps on the wall with wallpaper glue? Then have any tips to make a little more durable? I've been given a wall in the house to decorate and can't think of anything better than standing around staring at maps! I'm thinking of just having it stretch across the centre of NZ, including Lewis Pass to as far west as I can fit. Only as far south as Craigieburn... Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
Yes. Got a 4.5 x 6m wall of topo50 downscaled to 1:63360 on my wall at home. And a photo on another wall. Resene (who use HP wallprint system) did the photo and its an excellent quality print on good quality paper. But the HP online system couldn't cope with something that is over 2GB _when saved uncompressed as a bmp/tiff_. So even though the jpeg or lzw tiff file was smaller their system couldn't handle it. I ended up using a uk company contrado who have nz point of sales but supply out of the uk. Print quality was good enough on the maps but colour matching between rolls was not good enough on solid colour like sea. And they missed 5mm or so off the edge of some rolls. Looks fine standing back but you can see the mismatch close up. Be worth looking for an alternative supplier. But if you go for contrado get premium or textured paper. A lot of stretch in the standard if you're doing big drops. Also prone to marking - not as rugged / well sealed as standard vinyl wallpaper.
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I was looking at doing this too although I’d only gotten as far as using unfolded topomaps. Is there a benefit to printing your own? Fewer joins? I wondered about a product like Resene SpaceCoat Clear over the top.
Thanks Madpom, some great ideas. I was actually expecting a bit more discussion about this! Like most of you, I can spend hours gazing/ day dreaming in front of a map board! As Matthew suggested, has anyone glued paper maps and covered with a clear coat? Thanks
I would love to do this to a man cave one day
I'm planning to make a coffee table with a glass top and just the right size to slip a topo map into (and easily switch out for another). What better thing to look at over a cuppa? :D

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