Is the Macpac Minirat tent reliable for 3 seasons?

Im looking for a tent to take tramping and is strong enough to withstand a fair bit of wind as I plan to use it both below the bushline and on the tops in all seasons except winter. I have my eye on the [Macpac Minaret]( but would like to hear from people who have this tent and what their opinion is on its overall reliability and durability. I also like the look of the [Macpac Olympus]( as it has three poles rather than two but id assume that tent would be over kill for 3 seasons? Thankyou!
olympus is a better bet in strong wind. just depends how strong a wind you want to use it in, Olympus was originally rated for a 100km cross wind and 160km end on in a wind tunnel. dont know about the minaret's wind rating, it would be good but definitely not as good in a cross wind with two poles. and depends whether you want to carry the extra weight of the olympus... olympus is roomier inside I think, at least the vestibule is a lot bigger.. handier in bad weather,, you'd struggle more to cook inside the vestibule in the minaret if you're storing gear in the vestibule as well. you have to be careful with the minaret because of the angled floor... you cant fit two tall people in.....
I have an Olympus and i wouldn't have described it as overkill in less than 4 seasons. With the Olympus you can leave the inner at home and just carry fly and poles. I last used it in March near Lake Wilson. 50k winds all night and no movement in the tent.
I heard from a very well regarded individual that he thought the Minaret would stand up better to high winds than the Olympus b/c it had a lower profile. I had an Olympus too back in the day. Must've left it on someone's car roof because after a while I realized I no longer had one. I replaced it with the fly of a single poled cyclist's tent which was used for 116 nights before we replaced it with a 2 skin tent which has been used for 120 nights so far. Not often used above the bushline when wind is forecast I have to say. I needed to replace the fly's pole when I pitched it in those conditions once. I'd trust those Macpac tents though.
My Minaret is still going strong despite being 24 years old. I've used it year round from the Tararuas to the Otoko and the Bonar Glacier in all seasons and all conditions. There are lighter tents out there; they all feature wafer thin fabrics! As stated previously, they're not for very tall people. The Fly on it's own is a great free standing shelter for 3. I'd buy one again in a heartbeat!

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Started by isawatreeonce
On 6 June 2020
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