Hura Saddle / Hura Creek - advice wanted

Hi team. We're planning an excursion into the Campbell Range from the Lake Kaniere start point and up the Styx. After Mudflats Hut on the Arahura, we're planning to turn east and go bush up and over the Hura Saddle, then down Hura Creek to Mid Taipo Hut. This route looks passable but will obviously have steep sections and Hura Creek is noted to be dense and rugged. Has anyone attempted this route? Or used Hura Creek as an approach to Mt Walcott? All advice greatly appreciated.…/Hura-Saddle/West-Coast
Have you checked the remote huts website?
Yep, it describes the hut but not the route.
I've been from Mudflats Hut up and over to Julia Hut and been on the Campbell Range tops further south. However I have not crossed Hura Saddle or been up Hura Creek. I've a feeling Hura Creek is not a good route to the tops but that is hearsay not personal experience. Newton Saddle is a marked route across the northern end of the Campbell Range and it is possible to traverse from behind Mudflats down to Newton Saddle or you could go from Newton Creek Hut rather than Mudflats Hut and use Newton Saddle. (I'd be interested to learn what using Hura Creek is like)

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Started by philwilliamsnz
On 6 March 2020
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