South Fiord Lake Te Anau

What's possible from the head of the South Fiord of Lake Te Anau?,167.414474&z=13 I understand it butts onto the Special Takahe area, but I can't find a map that clarifies the boundaries of the no go area. Is it allowed to go up to the hut at the head of Lake Au and beyond? I assume the Chester Burn is out of bounds? Just kicking ideas around, have a sea kayak so not too difficult to get up to the head of the fiord. Ian Ok, edited to add, I had a look at So McKenzie Burn and that direction is out of bounds but Gorge Burn and Delta Burn are possible.
Could you ask DOCs?
Hi Ian The boundary is on old topo maps. Try: DOC should also be able to provide a shapefile - it's in DOCGIS somewhere. South Fiord: Gorge Burn and south is permitted. Mackenzie Burn and north is not. Middle fiord: Junction Burn Hut is permitted (as an exception despite being in the boundary) Doon River is allowed Junction Burn itself is not West side: Robin Saddle Hut is allowed (outside the protected area) 99% of the tops route from Robin Saddle to Lake Ione and Gorge Burn is outside the area. The little bit that cuts a few hundred meters inside may be bypassable, or maybe ... Then there's the option of applying for a permit - which I have not tried.
Thanks for that, Madpom. I'l lost my older paper topomap with the boundaries on, the current online topomap doesn't show it. Good to know Junction Burn hut is a possibility.

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Started by Ian_H
On 1 February 2020
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