First tramp to NZ from Michigan USA - Resv at Huts

My wife and I (Retirees in our 60s) are 30 days away from beginning our first ever tramp in NZ. We have Abel Tasman, Milford, Keplar, Routeburn, Mt Cook/Mueller treks all scheduled and huts reserved (February/March). I did not plan to carry a tent, just a tarp for emergency, as we have reservations at the huts, but I have heard that huts may be over-booked or people stay in them without reservations. My wife and I love to take our time and enjoy the outdoors and take plenty of pictures, rather than race to the hut to claim a bed, versus the floor. We have backpacked many places around the world and have not ran into this issue, yet (luck i expect). Is it an issue in NZ? Last thing we want to do is cause a stir upon arrival to a hut, as we will be tramping with these same people for a few days, I expect.
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I’ve brought in Australian powdered milk in ziploc bags (I.e. not original packaging) without a problem. But this was on a flight from Australia. Judging from the U.S hiker sites, there is a much bigger variety there (freeze dried pulses and all those instant mashed potato flavors...).
I cannot thank all of you enough. You are preparing us so that we will enjoy these 6 weeks of adventure. Abel, Milford, Keplar, Routeburn and Mt Cook here we come in 7 days, then on to Tasmania. Our epic journey is about to begin, can't wait to go trekking, ops, TRAMPING in New Zealand. Again THANK YOU all for the help, it is truly appreciated. We will now have hiked/tramped in FIVE continents, only Artic and Anartica left to go.
@aardvark I think the bigger issue with foods that contain poultry/dairy/eggs is if you were wanting to import them in bulk for resale in NZ. We looked at importing some dehy food from the States for resale several years ago now and while I do not remember the specifics, we would not have been able to import over half the range due to various components in them. These did not meet the health (for want of a general term) standards for NZ. However, I imagine if you want to bring a small amount in for personal consumption then you will not be stopped. At least, that is my limited understanding and I standard to be corrected. Of course, the overall advice still applies, just declare all food and let customs sort it out!
Well i accept that rules adapt and modify over time. Our early visits from Australia to NZ in 1999 had them focusing on even single dehyd packets containing poultry, dairy and eggs. It helped explain at the time why certain Backcountry branded dehyd products such as the Scrambled Eggs were not available in OZ. We simply haven't put that to the test since. Many experiences since seem to suggest they are less focused on highly processed and sealed packeted items. Ones which even contain products we once understood to be banned. It is possible too that various individuals within the Quarantine dept. did once interpreted the rules a little differently. I've made close to 50 visits for tramping and climbing now and have at times been bamboozled by various responses to the movement of food items. I must add though that upon arriving in ChCh for example at times like midnight i have enjoyed the convenience of Countdown supermarkets having previously been open 24 hrs in order to stock up and head straight out to a walk. Currently they don't seem to open any of their stores past 10pm. I have however established an account and previously had groceries ordered and delivered to a motel for my collection. Where there is a will, there is a way.
Trying to determine which camera to bring, which is controlled by if huts offer recharging capability or must I really on my solar or recharging batteries that I carry.
I'm not aware that huts have power points for plugging into. They have lighting at night, for a while. No hot showers. Try e-mailing DoC directly for specific questions ?.
No hut has general power outlets; take your batteries. However, there is often a valet service, dry cleaning, catering, spa treatments, and a full buffet serving lobster and prime rib at most huts... just no power outlets.
Not sure about the prime rib but I had a nice trout breakfast at Waihine Hut once. Another hut user (a Canadian doctor that was working as a locum locally) had caught a 4kg trout and offered it round. To get enough oil to cook it in required input from several people. He dropped his rod on the way out and he hadnt realized when we caught up with him at the carpark and handed it back to him
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Walking the Rees-Dart in 2007 I came across a hut warden at Dart Hut that had been brewing beer using water from Snowy Creek. Once he learned that a young Irish couple staying at the hut were recently married, he broke out several bottles of brew to share with everyone. After returning from Cascade Saddle, that beer was the coldest, crispest, most quenching draught I've ever quaffed.
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I would use your phone for pics while hiking and simply carry a power bank that gives you a couple charges, my 10,000 milliamp gives my iPhone 6s three additional charges but I love podcasts and taking video
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