Howden Hut to McKellar via tops.

Hi, considering doing the route from Key Summit along the ridge line to McKellar hut but wanting to get a more accurate idea of time this may take. Anyone done it? I have read Wilderness magazine article that says 8 hrs but that is from the divide. How long does it take from divide shelter to top of Key Summit? Wondering if we go up to the bushline from McKellar then on up to the ridgeline, how far along the ridgeline back towards Key Summit to get the views down both ways?
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Thanks for that, Yarmoss, useful information to have if I'm looking at a quick round trip from the divide.
I definitely recommend it. The whole ridge is spectacular from Key Summit to 1543, and there’s a bunch of tarns to camp at too if you want to break up the trip or tack it onto a longer trip in the area.
I thoroughly enjoyed this Ridgeline trip! Navigation is definitely easier from McKellar -> Howden as there is an informally marked track from McKellar Hut up to the bush line, which could be quite tricky to pick up coming in the opposite direction. There is a cairn at the bush line from memory, but you need to know where to look. From McKellar, find the hut water tanks and follow the track that heads up behind them. In good visibility route finding is fairly straight forward, but in poor vis there's a few spots you'd need to pay close attention to the map. There's notes routes on
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On 17 December 2019
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