Waistbelt chaffing issues

Hi all- long time tramper first time poster here. I have a Black Diamond Mercury 65 pack, been using for the last 7 years or so without too many comfort issues. However in the last year I've been getting severe chaffing on the prominent front pelvic knobs that the belt grips onto. My last trip out I came back with pretty nasty blisters. Has anybody experienced this before? Any tips on what it could be or what to do try to fix it? I've checkout out the belt and the padding and fabric seem to be in good nic. Trying it on this arvo to investigate I did notice that the belt appears to be quite short around my hips- only the very ends of the belt reach around to rest on the front pelvic knobs, rather that the cupped area of the belt which I think was designed to sit on them. I'm not sure if this has always been the case or if that has changed recently- yes, there's been the odd pie or two but I'm a lucky bugger who doesn't tend to put on weight. Would love some thoughts from the experienced trampers out there.
I get this occasionally, usually on just one side. I carry a bit of soft foam to wedge under the hip belt or a folded sun hat works too.
i've got a 75 mercury. double check the back length adjustment so that the hip belt doesnt sit too low. the middle of the belt should normally be on the top of the top of your pelvis... check behind the middle of the belt that the belt isnt sliding up and down , if it is, find the best position and tighten it , there should be an alum key in one of the belt pockets to do this, the bolt eventually loosens up and it slides to the wrong length, either that or its set too low and make sure the foam hasnt lost its bulk or gone hard over time, those belts have a recess in the middle thats about where your hip bone should sit..
It’s a fit, application or clothing issue. All hipbelts cause abrasion to some degree. Usually it’s a combination of fit, clothing and how trail hardened your body is. In the meantime you can use Leukotape on your hips to prevent severe abrasion or blisters. If it was fine and no longer is...have you gained weight?
clothing can be a big factor. Have you replaced your shorts. Mine chaff a little under the waist belt but its because they use a tied string to hold them up which is right under the hip belt. Add to that a fairly hard polyester fabric. Yes I know I could replace them but these are $8 at Warehouse and anything better starts at $58

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Started by plodder_pat
On 18 November 2019
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