Tarptent moment dw

So two questions. First has anyone had this tent. What was good or bad about it? Second if I buy this tent but have it sent to my uncles california address and he then sends it to me as a gift will I avoid duty tax? Cheers
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@Gaiters Hi, Can't provide any useful comment on tops use as I haven't had it up there yet. Have had it in some windy situations, one in particular on a beach front. Calm when I pitched, horrendous blow came in during night. Had it set up so that when I opened the fly the wind rocketed in and the back end acted like a sail and just about took off. It was a bit of an extra scramble to fasten a couple of extra guys, but it stood up well enough. The saving grace in some part was due to the fact that its a two part set up for inner and outer, and as such there is a bit more of a gap between the outer fly and the ground, thus a lot of the pressure had an escape point. Obviously that doesn't suit all people as it can become a bit more draughty in some circumstances. I have found it helps to avoid condensation, and I sleep very hot so am thankful for a bit more air flow. So far it has done well for me in various situations up to the bushline. I do have the extra pole that runs full length, the intention of which was to provide for added snow loading, I have found it also helps with windy conditions. You can get a high sided inner if the low sided version that I have is too draughty. As mentioned I have the double version for the reasons mentioned, and on a solo trip with the single inner section it does feel as if I have a hell of a lot of space to rattle around in.
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Started by Gaiters
On 30 September 2019
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