Jacksons Bay to Martins Bay/Hollyford Trip

Any intrepid wanderers out there keen on joining me on a trek south from Jacksons Bay to Martins Bay? (and out via the Hollyford for a few more days or flying out if too sore) Plenty of wilderness, river crossings and coastal boulder hopping. Aiming for sometime in November but flexible Nelson-based so transport available from there if required. Cheers Paul
I did this trip about a decade ago. Two considerations are that there are plenty of sandflies along the Coast and there is the possibility of rivers being up and you having to wait till they drop before being able to cross them. Also the sea side rocks are tough on boots and feet! No doubt you already know this! I wish you good weather and a great trip!
Awesome trip. I wish I was fit enough to join you! I read a report from two women who started from Jacksons Bay and went through to Martin's Bay hut, and instead of heading up the Hollyford they went around the coast a bit into the Kaipo River, and then over the top to the Harrison River, coming out at the underwater observatory there. Adventure!
Double down on glenn's comment. There were two spots where the sandflies really did get to me, one was right at the mouth of the Carrick River under the Dark Cloud Range (the best name ever) ... and the other was at the fishing huts at Hope River. But it's a great tramp. I returned via the Cascade River which on my own was a real adventure. One of my favourite memories of all time.
@phillipw. Very keen to hear your route & experience on Dark Cloud Range. Any chance of a summary (prob in a new thread?).

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Started by PaulMac
On 25 August 2019
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