New Zealand - South Island

My wife and I (60's) are planning to visit NZ for 3 weeks and Tasmania for 2 weeks. We would like to do three treks in NZ, while we are there; 3 - 6 day in length for each. We are experience hikers and carry 30-40 pound packs at altitude, so we feel we are up for challenges. We have backpacked around the world and are now planning a New Zealand / Tasmania trip. We are up for camping, if required, or hiking/tramping hut to hut and cooking our own food! Guide is not necessary, but sometimes worth it to learn more about the area. Any suggestions are welcome. We like it where there is less people and the challenge gives you amazing scenery!
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THANK YOU all on this forum for helping us plan a TRAMP of a lifetime. We were fortunate to secure the dates (Feb-Mar 2020)and huts for all 5 tramps; Abel, Mt Cook, Milford, Routeburn and Keplar!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately, our trip has expanded alittle, from our initial thoughts of 2 weeks in NZ to 4 weeks in NZ and now we have added 2 more weeks in Tasmania. We cannot wait. The reservation systems for tramping in NZ are awesome. We both cannot wait til this life adventure begins.
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"o" for owsum! Look forward to hearing about your adventure next year. And you know where to find the forum if you wanna rap about anything beforehand.
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Started by Robert Brosko
On 11 May 2019
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