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Kia ora koutou, I live and work in the vicinity of both mosques which were attacked 15 March. These people were my neighbours, although I did not know them well. Since that day, while the PM has conducted herself with grace, as (at times) has the media, I have listened to the words of love, kindness, and forgiveness from the Muslim leaders in my community, and I have sure learned some lessons from them. Like many of us I am sure, I have come to see them not as "them" but as "us", as whānau. I have resolved to try to be better, and kinder, and friendlier. I have received some feedback regarding inadequate moderation of the "Hunting & Fishing pulls 'military-style' semi-auto" thread. I accept that. That's my fault. (I would note that things have been very difficult in Christchurch, and forum moderation has come behind the wellbeing of myself and my family. But there are other times when moderation has been inadequate.) Obviously, scaling up moderation would help, but that's not easy to do without a bunch of new problems: inconsistent moderation standards and styles, for example. If this space continues to grow, then that will come at some stage. I have received some opinions about the appropriateness of this entire thread. I felt that it was relevant as it was a topic of public interest. Conversely, I received feedback that we come here to escape the worries of the world, not to be confronted by them. I think that is a valid perspective, and it would certainly make moderation easier if I were to just block anything non-tramping. I have certainly been uncomfortable with some content in the thread. What do you think? There are a few approaches we could take here. For example: * General freedom in the "Campfire" forum as stands now, with the existing community rules (although ideally with better moderation) * A strict line on only directly tramping related content -- much easier to moderate * The ability to mute threads so you just don't see them at all as a personal choice * Some opt in forums that you participate in or leave I would welcome your ideas or feedback. Feel free to mail me if you want to respond privately. I would note that this space will never be suitable for everybody. Different people have different needs and different values. There is no way to get it right for everybody. If this is not the right forum for you, then I can totally respect and understand that. Matthew
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i originally stated the thread was only to be in relation to the laws reducing gun ownership and people went on to technically discuss weapons... i asked for peopel to branch the thread but no one did, i didnt want any part of the thread the way it went off course at that stage , i'd asked for moderation and nothing much happened, too little too late
The reality is our world has changed and forums need to follow the current norm of society. If that means that things OK previously may not be OK now. Its hard for everyone to keep up and even harder for the moderator. He has to judge everything based on the eyes of everyone that reads the forum. Also there will be times that the moderators own views are going to be different to the views he has to moderrate to. Occasionally its near impossible to get it right but all we can ask for is the best judgement that is provided. The moderator must have the confidence of the forum users. I believe he has achieved this in what has been a difficult subject
I am not sure if I am in the minority here but I can not see what the issue is with the thread. Nobody, to the extent of what I have read, has been insensitive or inflammatory. No one has expressed strong opinions either pro or anti gun control (and is it a terrible thing if they had?). I admit I have not read the whole thing with a microscope but it has seemed like a civilized thread where members have asked questions to try and understand the issues at hand. I am sure there a thousands of worse moderated threads online which are full of vitriol and inappropriate commentary. As to the thread moving off topic; maybe it did move from the OPs intended path but if you want to discuss laws reducing gun ownership is it not important to understand the existing legal framework as well as the weapons being banned? I would not consider what was discussed here technical at all it was merely painting some broad strokes about what is currently legal and what may be changed. I guess everyone's mileage on technical will vary however. Maybe I am thick skinned (or thick headed) but I have no idea what the issue is!
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because some of us dont want to see an endless discussion on firearms at this point in time, a workmate of mine was at one of the mosques.... it was a stressful enough time at the office when we knew he was there and didnt know what happened to him without even taking in what happened to all the other people there ... a lot of workmates live in that area , the affect on them and their families is very apparent.. last thing i want to see on a tramping forum is endless back and forward about firearms. a surgeon submitted the technical details of wht the splintering bullets did to the bodies, theres all sorts of discussions you can have be a lot of us are done with it, if you dont have an issue with it then so be it, but others very much do have an issue
I pick and choose what threads to read. If I don't like the thread or it is of no interest to me - or if a boring know-all is relentlessly posting, then I don't read it. Simples.
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Forum The campfire
Started by Matthew
On 2 April 2019
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