Kaima Range - Kauritatahi Hut --> Puketutu Hut

Has anyone walked this recently, it's the 'Old North South Track' along the top of the Kaimai Range, Te Henga Ridge, that connects Kauritatahi & Puketutu Huts. The 'New North South Track' drops down off the Range into Aongatete and so travels this section to the East... Kauritatahi & Puketutu Huts are no longer on the 'North South Track'. Anyone done this recently, who can maybe offer some track beta, how well marked it is, how easy it was to find/follow the track/route, maybe some track times etc between the 2 huts? Even better a GPS track of the route !! Thanks in advance.
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Yes the puketutu hit is south of the tunnel line. And there is still an old marked track from the top of the falls along what was the old N/S track. Friends did it 6 weeks ago.
Probably not helpful, maybe 15years I was doing a recce for a club on the new NS track. I stopped for lunch and the earth started shaking, initially thought earthquake, but came to my senses. At that time the track to the Eastern survey peg was still marked.
Did this again, Saturday in lovely fine weather... took 4 hours in the same direction... the hut books note a couple of other parties have also recently done it since, one group mentioned 6.5 hours travelling time inc/lunch stop. Again in 2 sections you have to 'keep going/trusting', but it actually wouldn't take too much to get the route decently marked again, suspect the problem is that in the 'thin sections' everyone uses different sections of the bush to 'connect the dots'. Still, the best Kaimais Outing (hence 2nd trip)... more fun than Thompsons Track thats for certain.
Just saw this thread, I tried the route from kauritatahi to puketutu but couldn't find the way, there looks like a track going on from the kauritatahi hur junction, but seemed to lead nowhere, some trees had electrical tape but didn't find any permanent markers. I might end up trying it from puketutu hut next time, but I really want to do this route. Anyone got a GPS track file? I'll mark it with tape if I go.
Hey BOP Tramper, From either end: 'There is a mostly fairly decently defined route, even some track left in the more mature forested sections,' Quite a bit of tape + lots of old markers to guide the way.
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On 28 March 2019
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