Hunting & Fishing pulls 'military-style' semi-auto

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"Unlike you, I am not happy that gangs have firearms illegally." I may of misworded what I meant. I am not happy for anyone to possess a gun of any type when there is a good chance that gun may be used in a criminal activity. What I was happy about was their honesty in admitting they had guns they had no intention of giving up. If you go back 20 years gangs would have totally denied any access to guns. That doesnt mean they had any fewer back then. The honesty about their gun ownership doesnt make them any less criminal
Loud & clear. Sorry about the misunderstanding. :)
I thought the meaning was pretty clear. I also think Fatu (pro-active's 1st link) makes a valid point in reference to the different social reaction to a wrong-doing by an individual from the social majority (pakeha in NZ) versus an individual from a minority. There is nothing startling in that - the majority frequently denigrate minorities. However, as individuals, we can (should) make an effort to see others as individuals.
true. It is a society problem but it can only be tackled by the individuals belonging to society. We all need to take a look at what we do. Its so easy on social media to reinforce a message of hated even when we think we are doing something completely different
I think that the idea Gang boss that said they wouldn't be handing over illegal firearms - was being honest about having them, is a bit hard to swallow. IMO, he was simply thumbing his nose at the law, and all Kiwis. And says, (politely), "stuff you". Licensed hunters and other firearms users are rightly annoyed that these criminals (illegally possessing firearms - for criminal purposes) can do that publically. How 29 gang members even got a Firearms License from the police, is astounding. There is supposed to be a thorough vetting process which has been shown to fail, repeatedly.
@TararuaHunter agreed. There's a bizarre, symbiotic relationship between New Zealand gangs and police.

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With respect to the Moderators tolerance so far, I'm dropping out of this thread. I'm more likely to mail respond if something comes up.
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