Tramper with dislocated shoulder airlifted ...

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""A tramper injured in the Kahurangi National Park was located with the help of his personal locator beacon. Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter pilot Duncan Gourley said a crew responded to a beacon activation at the Upper Gridiron Shelter at around 6.30pm on Thursday (7th March, 2019). While the overnight rain had not arrived by the time the helicopter arrived, the rescue team had to contend with strong winds during the mission. The man had suffered a dislocated shoulder. He was winched from the scene and taken to Nelson Hospital."" Edge of track gaveway & I shoulder-charged edge of track as I landed, horizontally, below & off the side of it. 3hr to hobble back to a clearing while grasping the hem of my shorts to try and immobilise the arm. 1 1/2hr wait for the chopper as it had a priority duty in Golden Bay ahead of me. Calculations still favoured Nelson chopper rescue over Christchurch. Medic winched down, applied drugs but unsuccessful at re-location manipulation. Winched aboard (as GridIron Shelter clearing wasn't large enough) & flown to Nelson hospital. 2nd attempted manipulation unsuccessful. 3rd attempt successful while unconcious on anesthetic. Perscription strength non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), immobilisation (meaning the arm had to dangle in a particular position to be the least uncomfortable the whole time), and Panadol, was the best I could do. It hurts continuously as the joint is displaced and the supporting muscles are under a constant excessive stretch. Almost shed tears of relief when the chopper finally arrived. Though our tramping party had split for a few days, I still had a tramping partner & each group had a PLB. Strained an ankle at same incident. Fortunately knees & ankles remained functional. So grateful for NZ rescue & support people. ps - Not my own PLB so had to contact the owners relatives to reassure he was alright.
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Sorry to hear that, good to hear it turned out OK, hope you have a speedy recovery.... i'd lay off the bench presses for a while though...
can happen to anyone, after years of injury free tramping, I put a foot wrong in a riverbed and i was left unable to walk and waiting for rescue... you can think you've got travelling in rough terrain mastered, but it can happen to anyone
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All the best with the shoulder recovery. I heard that ski field first aid posts could relocate a shoulder by telling the injured snowboarder etc. to take off their jacket! I think it has to be done early on before the muscles go into spasm. There's some techique where the patient lies on their stomach and dangles their arm over the side, allowing gravity to do the job. Kayakers are experts at relocating their shoulders as they can dislocate them doing a high brace. Eventually they need stapling or something to avoid recurrent dislocations due to permanent stretching. Shoulders are the most complex joint and tricky to recover. As a phlebotomist, I notice a lot of munted shoulders as they can't roll their arm outwards properly.

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On 10 March 2019
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