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>This would be a better thread if it was personal stories, we've all had them in the first year or two. "Good judgement comes from experience, experience comes from bad judgement..." A chance to tell of times you gained some experience as a result of some bad judgement. Have a few, will join in later.
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Took a frozen fish curry for the first night dinner. We flew from Wellington to Dunedin to head to the track and my pack must have had a bit of a hammering. Well the container lid came off and it leaked out the plastic bag and into everything. We were on 2 x 5 day tramps and it stank the whole trip. This was back in the day when I kept everything in one big pack liner. The guys moaned the most when it rained and I wore my raincoat which was particularly smelly. They made me walk at the back.
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Started by Ian_H
On 15 February 2019
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