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Hello we are a hiking/tramping couple living on the north island. We will go down to south island the 2th of february. We are doing the abel-tasman however afther that we have nothing else planned yet. We would like some suggestions for multiday hikes/tramps. We would like to do alternative hikes to the great walks. We are quite fit and are keen for a challenge Our experience: Some mountain trails in poland Mt ngauruhoe Tongariro crossing whirinaki Kaweka ranges Tarahua ranges Manuoha track Thanks!!
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aardvark, where is Pine Ck? Can't find that on the nz topomaps. Is it named in Moirs guide?
Actually I see Pine Creek, that's going a lot further than I thought you would.
What about going up from Rees Saddle to Pt 2185 and then do the ridge traverse?
2185 like a lot of the mountains there are on a knife edge ridge, its getting into rock climbing. if you're traversing a ridgeline in that area, you have to navigate accurately especially in bad visibility to find a safe way off the ridge, theres a lot of very steep drop offs there. its not for people who havent navigated off track in steep terrain before
https://flic.kr/p/7NMhge Here is a view of 2185 from the gap above Snowy Ck. Even sidling up to the saddle in front of 2185 here leads to problems further along the ridge. The route over to the basin above Pine Ck truly is the trampers' best. It seems totally impractical to skirt the lake too. https://flic.kr/p/pJsFQ5
Standard route is here: http://routeguides.co.nz/routes/799 It's a pretty serious traverse above the bluffs in pine creek on slippery snow tussock. I wouldn't have done it without an iceaxe. Very serious consequences and a good chance of slipping.
I should also point out you need permission from Branches Station to walk Lochnegar - Tummelburn - Shotover saddle. It's their land and their huts. They are very approachable and seem happy to give access for that particular trip.
@madpom I went through there about 20 years ago, and the old farmer who welcomed us had lost all his teeth from SCURVY, from eating nothing but mutton for years. And he didn't wear boots around the station and was proud to show me his tough leathery feet. Amazing how hard case some farmers were just a short while ago.
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Very good description @madpom! @aardvark, first picture seems to indicate that ridge is not too bad. But yeah, you guys have been there, I only have traversed Rees Saddle.
https://flic.kr/p/8ZR3fa i wouldn't be without an axe on the route but as it turned out with no snow on it, i never removed it from my pack. It does require a cool head.
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