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I have given this some thought and consulted in the past without coming to any solid conclusions. Quite often, areas have a number of tracks that you can link up in a few different ways. Basically, you link a few sections of track together and that becomes your route from car back to car. I have just been walking in the St James and thinking about this. I have been experimenting with writing up tracks as sections. The problem is that if you only write up full circuits, then there is a lot of duplication of information, and that information could become inconsistent. I think the best approach is the simplest, so I have simply labelled the sections in their names. However I am considering adding a flag to a track to indicate that it is usually walked as a section of a larger route rather than being complete in itself. Then perhaps sections might not show up by default in searches, and could be marked differently. Any thoughts? Here are some sections I have added: - - - And some routes based on those sections: - - One issue at the moment is that the dynamic photos make the routes look the same, but that could be addressed.
Good work. Those red location balloons make it really clear.
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Started by Matthew
On 11 January 2019
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