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Hi All, I know this one has been done before but it's potentially about time for some up to date opinions. I'm after a 1-2 person tent, I'm just starting out with hiking and this is an upgrade from sharing huts. I hike with various friends but barring disaster I don't foresee any of them ending up needed to jump in with me. Currently a 3 season explorer. My wishlist: 2 person OR 1 person with room for a pack. On the up side I'm only 5ft6 so length isn't an issue Ideally less than 1.6kg NZ conditions suitable <$400, ideally <$300 Nothing that requires a walking pole I have had a look at a few but I am getting well lost in the specifications and forgetting what I have looked at so I figure I will run with the recommendations based on local experience Feel free to chime in on what else I need to consider. TIA
https://www.macpac.co.nz/equipment/tents/hiking-tents/microlight-hiking-tent/114084-KWI00-OS.html reliable brand, high quality materials... get what you pay for
I don't have any tent recommendations in your price range, only some words of wisdom learnt the hard way. If you are thinking of one day progressing to camping above the tree line in NZ (including summer), you should consider a 4 season tent. Cheers, Moh edit. the micolight suggested by waynowski looks really good.... crazy discount if you are a macpac club member.
a quality 3 season tent is ok above the bushline esp tunnel tents. just not in a bad storm esp not in winter, but those tents arent cheap and generally above your budget
Thanks All, that Macpac one looks good and if I can find a club membership to borrow I can probably extend my budget to make it work. Reading the reviews on it everyone seems really happy with it. I'm not sure why it hasn't come up on my radar before now.
Didn't realise they were still making the Microlight. It's a really good tent, I tramped and travelled with it for several years (it handled some pretty intense storms), but the vestibule is pretty small. Looking at the pictures, it looks like they made the vestibule a little bigger ... unless its clever photography. I think that's my only criticism of that tent.
Some excellent lightweight tents on this website. The Wild Country tents are good compromise between value and quality. I've the Zephyros 2 Tent which is just over the 1.6kg you mention, but comfortably under $400 https://www.ultralightoutdoorgear.co.uk/equipment-c3/tents-shelters-c25/all-tents-c148/wild-country-m111
the floors of those wild country tents arent waterproof 6000mm HH isnt waterproof , need to be 10,000 or above https://www.ultralightoutdoorgear.co.uk/equipment-c3/tents-shelters-c25/all-tents-c148/zephyros-1-tent-p6869
I disagree. There are situations in NZ where a 20,000 floor is needed (that's why MacPac makes them), but for many of us a 3,000 works out perfectly fine. For the person asking the question, a 3,000 floor will work, and if you camp out in rougher territory, just get some Tyvek footprint. You'll know when you need that 20,000 floor.
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