Jumbo Circuit Winter

Interested in doing Mt Holdsworth Jumbo Circuit in Winter next year, most likely July / August, have little tramping experience in snow. Have significant amounts of tramping experience including Jumbo Circuit 7 times, and loads of skiing experience but virtually no snow tramping experience. Am wondering what sort of gear is required, specifically in terms of footwear and specialised equipment. Currently exclusively use trail runners for all tramping however these will not be adequate in snow so am wondering what kind of boots are nessacery. I understand Ice axe will be required and presumably also crampons (or snowshoes?). In summary: Are crampons required, if so what type? Are snow shoes required? What type of ice axe is required? What footwear should I be looking at, insulated hiking boot, or light mountaineering boot for use with crampons? Thanks in advance, Josh
You will be fine. If you have done the circuit 7 times you will be able to do it in your sleep. Like it is only so so till Powell right. Then it gets a little deeper up onto holdsworth. The crossing to jumbo is probably the trickiest but not hard. Then it's all done hill and easy as. But you would know this inside yourself having down it 7 times. sturdy tramping boots are all that needed. My middle boy was 6 when he did it for the first time in snow, his eldest brother was 9 and he did it in sneakers. If it is gnarly above Powell turn around and go home. Otherwise have a ball.
Snow doesn't tend to stay long, and although it doesn't hurt to take ice axe and crampons and can't see you using that unless you go straight after a big dump.
And you want to do that circuit again? There is so much more cool other stuff you can do in the tararuas - what about going over Mitre instead, or heading over to Mangahuka?
To my mind the main motivation for doing the circuit again would be for him to begin building his snow and ice experience in a setting where other variables are more manageable.

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Started by josh007
On 6 October 2018
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