Mt Pirongia overnighter

Hi there, I am looking to do an overnight up Mt Pirongia this month and would like some advice on which route to take. I am planing on staying in Pahautea hut, and so will not be taking a tent. From what I can see there are a few options, Hihikiwi track from the south, Mahaukura and Tirohanga tracks from the east or Tahaunui from the north. I am interested in what the tracks look like, and how busy/popular they are (preferring the less busy). If anyone could offer some advice or tips that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance A
From Limeworks Loop Rd you could go up via Tahuanui Track & then back via the Bell Track if you were up for the longer version. I quite like the Grey Rd end - sidle & up the Ruapane/Tirohanga Track & return via Mahaukura Track, (muddier & more up & down). Hihikiwi track is perhaps the muddiest until you hit the boardwalks at the top & has the least views. None of the tracks would be very busy at this time of the year I would expect, I rarely see many others.
When I did this, started from grey road, took link track up, then via Ruapane, hut, next day back via Mahaukura. So what phil21 said. Nice views. Will probably be your muddiest tramp ever... We did it in August actually, one of the driest July/August's ever, we were very happy we had big boots.
Thank you two very much for that information. I was leaning towards the Hihikiwi route, but now I will take the Ruapune/Tirohanga tack up and the Mahaukura track back (and I will take extra dry socks). Thanks
The only tramp I ever turned back on due to the mud. We barely got 2km in when the skies opened and it bucketed down. Within minutes the track went from boggy to a knee-deep impassable mud-fest.
Which track are you speaking of PhilipW? I have heard a number of nightmare stories about Bell track before I went, and then met people at the hut who confirmed them (or they did when they arrived well after dark). Deep mud and very difficult to progress at any decent pace apparently.

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Started by M400-1
On 8 September 2018
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