Te Araroa South To North - Jan ~ April

Hi everyone, I'm planning my assault on the Te Araroa starting early January. Yes I'm aware I should probably start earlier but some other commitments make that not possible. I don't want to be obsessed with having to race against the south island weather so I'm planning on doing it South to North. I know that it's primarily a north to south route and I'm happy doing the reverse, however I'm wondering what are the chances of meeting other northbound hikers is? I have no challenge being on my own but of course would like to spend at least a few days with other people. Does anyone know any particular challenges with heading south to north and am I likely to see other hikers?
if you're on facebook, you can talk to TA walkers doing it this year here. https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=te%20araroa%202018-19 I don't think there are many TA walkers here, most of them are from overseas and a fair percentage of NZers actively avoid it when its busy
Chances are pretty high that you will cross other walkers going the other way and that you will spend nites in huts with other walkers going either way - if the huts align up as a place to stay in both directions that is.
Hi Jen, I did some tramping in the nelson lakes for 2 weeks last feb/march and funnily enough all the TA walkers I met were going South to north and because of that and their varying speeds and tramping style etc all knew each other. A bunch of them met up for a long planned all you can eat pizza night at a hostel in st arnaud.
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TA will be a veritable human freeway with heaps of people going both ways. I strongly doubt you will have any night to yourself, even in the most 'remote' places. I, for one, will not be amongst the throng.
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it might be quiet to start with, but once you get into the central and northern south island you should be passing a lot of SOBO's
Thanks for the feedback guys. Much appreciated.

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Started by JenMarsden
On 6 September 2018
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