Buying pierce type gas cannisters in Wellington?

Can anyone in Wellington confirm where I can buy the 190g butane pierce type gas cannisters? Thanks for your help!
Warehouse still has them. Some are even isobutane. However it might be time for an upgrade
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Thank you - I didn’t even think of the Warehouse. Does the Tory St store stock them? I have about two hours from my flight arriving into Wellington before my ferry leaves for Picton.
I think Bunnings - also at that end of town - also has them, on the top floor. I get my screw-type ones from there and pretty sure the pierce-type ones are also there
Thanks - Bunnings will be plan B!
I sometimes see these canisters abandoned in huts. And no one else wants them.

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Started by rxv80
On 3 September 2018
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