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all that needs to happen is someone who knows the location that is being requested to message the original poster privately, no one is saying he shouldnt have the information. publicising places on the internet on sites where large no's of people frequent causes issues, places go viral. its part of a larger issue, then people ask about locatig private huts and asking people to post the response which they can do on the forum, the australian bushwalking forum has a policy about not posting information about certain sites, culturally important sites are banned from being publicly posted about their locations. one of the reason we tramp is to get to quiet places away from people, then someone posts images about your favorite quiet place and then it may go viral and thats it over run by people... and it is happening steadily to more places around NZ a friend of mine liked to tramp to places that are now on the TA, they used to be quiet but now their favourite huts are overrun all summer long because the TA went viral to the world. its a hit and miss thing, some places remain quiet but others go viral and the no's going to an area can balloon. my relatives have holidayed at abel tasman park for decades, they remember when it was a relatively quiet backwater, with moderate no's of visitors, the waters were relatively empty you could have a beach to yourself. but due to the marketing of the place now the place is flooded with boaties all summer, not to mention the trampers..
Far out. Really is this the mindset of a Kiwi outdoorsman? This is the most ridiculous statement. It's a free world. People have a right to go out and explore the back country as much as the next person. No one has privileged rights to any beaches, huts, tracks, history. This is a disgusting attitude. I bet you are one of those people that moan about how many people walk the Tongariro Crossing or moan when the huts get full. Much rather see people head out into the outdoors and enjoy it for what it is rather than sit behind their screeens. Spread the love and the joy of the outdoors not try to keep it secret. Nothing gives me more happiness than to see people out there appreciating the land and challenging themselves. If you want to go remote where no one else goes - then learn the bloody skills and go into wilderness areas and places that are really hard to get to. There are plenty of those spots everywhere. Including the Ruaphehu spot you are referring to. I've spent my entire life training and learning for the Alpine missions I do so you can piss right off with your going viral comments. It's not a youtube clip buddy. I'm leaving this page - this is not what I want to be associated with and goes against everything an outdoorsman should be about. Bad bloody taste!
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Jules, no one is saying that everyone will keep locations secret from anyone, just that messaging is more likely to keep things on the down-low. The information is still being shared, and people are still helping each other. There are a lot of sensitivities associated with some site and in many cases, good reason for keeping them flying under the radar.
"No one has privileged rights to any beaches, huts, tracks, history." In the most part that is true but not always. There are huts in the bush that are privately owned for various reasons some legit some not so much. In either case though to visit them you really need the ok from the owner. Not doing so could at best save embarrassment or at worse put you in a nasty position. It could be a research hut with limited access for valid reasons, It could be a hut for a regular hunter who has kept this place to himself and expects everything that moves to be fair game or it could be a base for illegal market gardening with everything booby trapped. In the case of plane wrecks it depends on a lot of circumstances whether its kosher to visit or not. Some wrecks never had the bodies recovered and visiting these could cause suffering to the families of the missing so generally these are marked as places to avoid. Most wrecks come under the historic places and they put rules around them. There was a recent case in the Tararuas where a museum recovered a large portin of a wreck. They were fined big time and made to return the bits to the wreck site. Even so a large number of plane wrecks are marked on maps so hunting a few versions of a map will often find them but not always
Jules - also, please take the postings of an individual as just that. We all have different opinions on a wide range of different topics. We post to share and learn. Don't extrapolate conclusions about everyone based on comments by one; Would you want to be generalised against based on the opinions of every one in <insert group here>. Also, do take on board what si-dog and geeves are touching upon. There are a variety of reasons for keeping certain sites private beyond the purely selfish motivations you appear to assume are in play.
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would you ever have picked the top of ngauruhoe would become so popular? or cascade saddle pylon route? these are locations that went viral on the internet.. iron lake was published on major american websites , there was a major response of people indicating they wanted to do it. who would have thought the TA would get so popular, and so many tramping novices would take it on....? people often dont think about how hard a place is to get to, they see it they want to get there regardless.... its actually the cause of a lot of rescues worldwide now, people getting out of their depth because they hear about a unique place they insist on getting to and no amount of advice about how difficult it might be will stop them.
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look at the australian who was rescued from Mt aspiring recently when he has come over here he has gone for ambitious well known but difficult routes that have turned to be outside of his level of skill and he's gotten into a lot of trouble... he seems to have made his decision on what to climb based on how well known the peak is, the classic well known peaks and routes, Mt cook, tasman and Aspiring... places that feature a lot in the media can attract the wrong people. so no i dont think everyone needs to see the answer to one person asking for a specific unique location.. lets do something different, lets go to an aircraft crash, some people just plan like that without looking at the difficulty, they just make up their mind htey want to visit some place different they've heard about
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