1 in 300 trampers injured themselves last year

Health and safety looking at tramping https://www.stuff.co.nz/travel/104923204/extensive-report-delves-deep-into-kiwi-tramping-incident-data I suppose no real surprises in the causes and types of injury but in perspective HVTC is just short of 300 members so should expect an injury every year. Same for other similar size clubs
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the stats in the report arent much use, they dont discriminate on the severity of the injury and they don't factor in how much more likely people might be getting injured than if you take an average figure for that many people in the general population who havent gone tramping... a lot of people go tramping, so you're going to get some medical events that werent necessarily anything to do with tramping. if you tramp long enough you will suffer multiple injuries and the vast majority of them will need basic first aid that can be applied by the injured person or other people that are tramping with them... that is a known given for tramping, and any experienced tramper is fine with that... and they keep going tramping.. that isnt news. and its not something that can be mitigated, its part and parcel of tramping, and to a certain extent so are major injuries. so whats the point of spitting out all those figures that are misleading and can make tramping look dangerous. if you have a heart attack on a tramp, then you had a preexisting case of heart disease or some other underlying medical issue before you went tramping. tramping isnt to blame and you were going to have a heart attack eventually anyway, it just happened that you had it while you were tramping... and it may have just brought it on sooner rather than later because of the exertion, but it didnt cause the heart attack, it was just one factor involved at the time that you had it.. your hip may break because you have weak bones and it happened to happen while you were tramping... tramping wasnt the cause of your weak hip... or you got knee pain from worn knees from general age related degeneration and the pain may have happened while tramping there are 13,000 injuries and medical events logged with ACC in a year for skiiing injuries...
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