Kelly's Hut, near Glenorchy. Public & unlocked?

Is Kelly's Hut open for trampers to stay in? It's high above Glenorchy, on Mt Larkins, in the Whakaari Conservation Area. The website seems to show that it's a private hut which is on AirBnB for thousands per night (helicopter and catering provided!). But I saw another website on one of those hut-map sites that showed it was a free hut. Hmm.... Maybe it was once free and now is for super-rich-American-fat-cats only. Gorgeous photo.
Maybe it was free and unlocked when it was like this, but now it may be privately renovated and locked.
It's definitely private. Haven't got any details about booking etc., although I've heard locals mention it.
According to the latest edition of Moir's guide, Mt Larkins Biv is owned by Dan Kelly (phone 03 442 7939) so try contacting him for details.
I've been past the hut twice - Dec 2015 and Jan 2017. Unlocked both times. I understood it was free to use if not booked out, but I could be wrong!
Thanks for the info. I tramped up there last week, and stayed two nights at Heather Jock hut. I did a daytrip the second day, but couldn't get quite as far as Kellys Hut due to snow, which I wasn't equipped for. Lovely place.
Kellys Hut is owned and operated by the Dan and Christine Kelly. This small boutique business is on the website If independent trampers wish to visit please get in touch with Dan Kelly 0274427036. The DOC concessions and lease determine that a fee per night per person is payable to For more information please call or use the website contact email.

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Started by James the Giant
On 29 April 2018
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