Disposing propane/butane canisters

I have a couple of these canisters at home that I want to dispose of and at least one has some gas in it....I can't seem to find anywhere the appropriate way to dispose of them?
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campervans often use those silly clip in long cylinders and those flat stoves. If it isnt a en416 fitting its unlikely to be much help. Campervan shop should buy a few of those stoves for staff to use the dregs
True but he did say that there were sometimes the usual tramping type canister left in the vans as they'd been tramping with them. Those long cylinders are cheaper I think. I've seen the occasional tramper lug those flat stoves in to huts!
Using adapters like this, some individuals refuel butane canisters from the barbecue bottle. There are various disclaimers, but I haven't heard of any problems. If you are not properly trained, avoid attempting any of this. If you decide to do this, keep in mind that the valve wasn't meant to be reused and could stop working after an undetermined amount of refills. Visit us: https://www.seobrisk.com/ Purchase a fresh cartridge of the same brand and weigh it before you start. Do not exceed this weight when filling your refills. In New Zealand, butane and propane are combined to make barbecue fuel. Although generally safe, this does not perform as well in cold temperatures as isobutane mixtures.
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Started by indigo1
On 1 April 2018
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